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5 Keys of Transformation

Successful people have transformational mindset and such mindsets gear us up for success. Our transformational mindsets are rooted upon positive attitudes, healthy disposition, great habits and empowering thought life. After all, our mindset is the open secret to our success – the thoughts we carry, the beliefs we hold, the actions we take and the results that is geberated.
There are 5 keys to our transformational mindset. Let us take a look at each of them briefly.
The first key is that of Purpose. Purpose is the original reason for the creation of a thing. We are born to do something very special. Success therefore is measured by what do are born to do and deliver to the world.
Once we discover our purpose, passion naturally grows. Someone with passion will not be bored with life for he has found a life that is worth the living.
The second key of transformational mindset is that of Principle. We live by principles because we know we are successful and therefore we need to intentionally protect our purpose. By living a principled life, we painfully decide to do things or not to do certain things that may ruin our purpose.
The third key is that of Attitude. If we are going to be successful, we need to be intentional in asking this question continually, “What can I do for others, today?”.
The next key is that of Determination. True determination has three components – persistence, perseverance and patience. Persistence is about running the race and not giving up until the race is completed. Perseverance, on the other hand, is about picking ourselves up after we fall. Most, if not all, successful people is a result of getting back up despite of a fall. As for patience, it is an understanding that no one is successful in a day; Rome wasn’t built in a single day. It is about not complaining but diligently working while we are waiting.
The final key is that of Encouragement. We need to encourage those around us to be better. I win only if we win. Therefore, start to be that voice that lifts others up and rise together!