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A drastic turn of events took me from being a qualified medical doctor to a patient after a fatal stroke. It left me bedridden, unable to speak and, ultimately, re-evaluating my life.

At rock bottom with my whole life torn apart, I had one choice: to be a prisoner of my body or a prisoner of hope. I chose hope. I have committed my life to the journey of hope and helping others find the same.





I want people to know our mind and body are as strong or weak as we want them to be. It all depends on your decision and the outcome you want to reach.
It is possible through the Art of Determination to rebuild your life to achieve happiness and success on all levels.


How do I know?

Here’s my journey…

At 24 years old I thought I had it all figured out. I was a high achiever, a qualified medical doctor, and about to start an internship embarking on an illustrious career as a neurosurgeon. But that same year I had a stroke. It left me with a useless body, unable to talk, move, or see. I was stuck in a prison. But from that prison, I knew I had a choice of what prison I wanted to be in. Did I want to be a prison of four walls or a prison of hope – always hopeful and looking for hope despite my disastrous situation?
Everything I knew was stripped away. I spent years in rehabilitation and had to come to terms with the fact I could no longer practice as a doctor while adapting to my new physical reality of compromised vision and movement.


Change happens one step at a time

I realised just because I couldn’t move; it didn’t mean I couldn’t move forever. Just because I couldn’t see, it didn’t mean I can’t do anything.
I knew I had to move my body and see what my body could do beyond the paralysis. Then by a chance meeting at a hawker centre Dr. William Tan, The Asian Para Games multiple gold-medallist, introduced me to table tennis. I committed to the practice as part of my ongoing rehabilitation, and today I am proud to say I am an ASEAN Para Games medallist and ongoing competitor.

However, like any crisis, it’s the emotional impact that affects us the most. I lost my memory and speech as well as my coordination and knew I also had to work on my mental state. So in 2007 I challenged my mind and pursued a Master’s degree – I worked through my slow writing and reading pace to gain a Masters of Science (MSc).


But then came the pivotal question: what was I going to do with my life?

Although I remained in the medical field as a healthcare administrator, I wanted to do something more relational and hands-on. That’s when I decided to start Potter’s Clay Education.

Passionate about education and already mentoring on the side, I sold my flat, got a partner, and raised the funds to start a business tutoring and motivating youth.

Today Potter’s Clay is an established franchise, expanding in Singapore and China, spreading our approach of nurturing talent through superior academic and motivational programs. I have since gone on to receive the Young Outstanding Singaporean Award and the Successful Entrepreneur Award.


Truly, there is no crisis that cannot be transformed to victory with the right mindset and courage.

Through the art of determination, I rebuilt my life, and I’m committed to helping others do the same, despite the obstacles.

I use my personal experience, proven techniques and coaching tools to help people realise their strengths and gifts. I share more of my story as well as tips and tools on my blog. Please stay and look around and sign up to my newsletter for the latest.