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Celebrating the extraordinary

The 8th ASEAN Games, which was played in Singapore from 3rd to 9th December was my second time participating in the Games as a wheel chair table tennis player.

The 7 days saw 1185 para athlete fr 10 countries compete in 15 sports (largest to date) and old records were erased as new sporting excellence was reached. Throughout the event,  National, Games, Asian and even World records were broken and each of the 476 event saw people supporting their favorite athletes.

Looking back, it is amazing how powerful and indomitable the human spirit is when we are determined to reach not just any goal, but a meaningful goal that touches us.

But what is determination?

I often speak to The Art of Determination. In fact I even have a mini book of the same title. In it I stress on the facets that enables an individual to be more self determined  so that we are all able to be ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats.

Through my talks and conversation with people regarding this topic, I begin to see that while many people desire to have determination as one of their strong suit, not everyone possess it.  For determination is not of the mind. It is a habit. It is what we consistently do till we achieved what we desire to attain.

1 of the most vital ingredient in developing this Art of Determination is to have a plan. The plan has to be changeable and refineable as circumstances change, but this also has to be done in a concrete fashion and with an eye firmly fixed on the goal. The plan should have a realistic, changeable timeline with milestones and completion date. The other important consideration is that every step of the plan has to be reachable from the previous step and one has to know how; otherwise it’s not a plan but a vague statement of intention that’s not of much practical use.

And it is through this Art of Determination that allows ordinary people to celebrate extraordinary moments that last a life time.