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Character Matters

Character originates from the Greek word “charassein”, which means to scratch or engrave. Referring to a person’s character refers to attributes he manifests.

Our character is the result of us committing ourselves to principles that we will not violate. It is the power and will to remain steadfast in doing what is right regardless of the path that is taken by others. A person of character is one who has integrity and he means what he says and acts on his word. In many ways, our character is our convictions manifested.

Our character is the most important balance for a successful life. Without a robust character, our life has no safety and protection. This thing that is character is the thermostat that alerts us when compromising situations become eminent. People with character follow their conscience rather than their conveniences.

Our character is the manifestation of our values and habits. After all if we truly value something, we will not do anything in violation of it. We are responsible for these values we hold dear in our pursuit to destiny. Our values are the foundation upon which character is built.

Our character matters because is about accountability to ourselves and those that around us. Accountability refers to the obligation to report to those who we are responsible to and responsible for. Decisions that we make for our lives are actually never really private because our decisions always affects people around us. We protect ourselves to defend and safeguard others. So our accountability is actually a commitment to personal integrity. Hence, character and integrity are the protection for our lives.

Fundamentally good character refers to the positive and healthy values-driven habits that you develop that results in authentic success.

These values shape our decision-making. They are our own moral compass, and each person’s values are specific to them depending on the life experiences we have and the conversations we have about these conversations. These values are the passions in our hearts–what inspires us to live right never give up.