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In 2009, I founded Potter’s Clay Education, a tuition centre for primary and secondary school Students, out of the notion that any “vessel” can become a masterpiece.

I believe everyone, no matter their background or situation, can succeed in life with the right mindset, tools, and determination – whether it’s in happiness, work, education or relationships.

Any child can excel in his or her studies, and Potter’s Clay is all about providing the teachers, strategies and environment to make that happen.


Parents all over Singapore send their children to Potter’s Clay to nurture their skills and potential to achieve academic success and confidence.


To learn more about how your child can benefit from Potter’s Clay Education visit http://www.pottersclay.com.sg/



SEC 4 STUDENT - 2013

A sincere thanks for coaching my cousin to distinctions. I am so glad that she made it to the tops. In the 1st quarter of 2013, she had wanted to drop her A Maths subject altogether, as she thought she might as well give up with scores like E8, but after speaking to you, I thought there was certainly going to be hope for her.Closer to Os I was amazed at your confidence that she would ace her paper, just after few months of tutoring & of course, the verdict was out on Jan 13th with her score of A2! I remember how she grew from being so afraid of the questions to being so optimistic.Thanks Darren for your awesome coaching method…


SEC 4 STUDENT - 2013

Potter’s Clay [Education] has helped me become a more independent learner and helped me improve my studying techniques and results. Dr Chua not only helped me academically but also gave me moral support, guided me to where I am now. I am really thankful for what Potter’s Clay and Dr Chua did for me.

I have been attending Potter's Clay from secondary 1 and have experienced their lessons for 4 years. Potter's Clay Education is an extraordinary tuition centre that nurtures their students with great care in and out of classes. They work closely with parents and students to get feedback and change study patterns or teaching methods accordingly so that they can ensure their student's improvement. Every single teacher that has taught me has been more of a friend than a teacher

Dr Darren has taught me for Secondary 3 and 4 and helped me-the 3rd lowest in my class in secondary 2 to the top 10 in my secondary 3 class. He helped me achieve A's for math and sciences by teaching in a different way compared to other teachers. During lessons, he would make me completely understand the reasoning behind everything I am not clear with before moving on. The way he teaches makes me feel that every question is very easy after grasping the reason behind it, allowing me to excel. He has also encouraged and pushed me when my test results came out whether good or bad. It also inspires me to see him participate in various competitions for table tennis despite being partially paralyzed. Overall Dr Darren has been a caring and sincere person that helped me soar higher throughout these 4 years.

My Amath and Emath teacher Mr Leong has also taught me very well and helped me achieve a lot more than what i could imagine. He is like a friend in school that is helping me out but i hold great respect as he is very kind and knowledgeable. Mr Leong is very efficient when he teaches as he covers topics very quickly and makes it interesting by having breaks and chit chat sessions. Furthermore he helps me understand any topics so well that i have very little questions to ask. He also gave me many of his own tips and advice that helped me time after time during the exams. Overall due to his help, I went from failing my emath in sec 2 to getting straight A's for both emath and amath in sec 3 and sec 4.