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Getting our Mindset Ready for a Successful 2019

As we come to the end of 2018 and eagerly anticipate 2019, it is always a good practice and valuable experience to just recall what the past year has taught us and how we should prepare and what to anticipate for the year to come.

For me, i think more than anything else, this year has highlighted to me the lack of leadership at the personal, corporate and goverment level internationally. While these have always been present in our society, i do find it worrisome at the stark increase of such leaders who are impacting society at the highest level. Think Mark Zuckerberg, think Trump. think Paris Hilton.

When it comes to leadership, the most important thing to realise is that it is not a role that one performs but rather it is the life that one leads. True leadership focuses on who we are rather than what we do. The actions of a leader flows naturally from a personal leadership revelation.

For 2019 I will continue to focus on my niche in the area of mindset transformation and at the same time share my thoughts on how the mindset of leadership and the leadership mindset (two different entities) helps us to reach our goals and fulfill our potential