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How To Live Life Gloriously

The glory of something and of anything can be defined as the full nature of that thing on display for the world to see and appreciate. The Hebrew word for “glory,” is kabod, which comes from a root word with the basic meaning of “heavy,” or “weighty.” Kabod also carries the idea of “fullness” or the “full weight” of something. In this sense it refers to the “weightiness” of someone of high importance, a person of notable, impressive, and positive reputation. In other words, when we speak of the “glory” (kabod) of something we are referring to the weightiness, visible manifestation, full expression and reputation of that which we are discussing.

Take for example the ‘Glory of Rome’. It refers to the epic achievements of Ancient Rome, whether military, architectural or institutional – from the Colosseum to the spread of Roman Law. The glory that was Rome refers to the visible manifestation and full expression of what it was at that peak.

Similarly for humans, all of us seek to be fully expressed and have our talents, abilities, giftings and inclinations visibly manifested. I believe that human beings cannot experience complete fulfillment in life unless they are fully expressed. Yet the glory that I am speaking of is to be distinguished from that of personal ambition. Personal ambition is about your personal view of the future based on personal desires. For us to be fully expressed – glory – we need to work out our talents, gifts and abilities based on how much we are able to add value to those around us.

There are three keys to finding fulfillment and subsequently be fully expressed. These keys are purpose, environment and relationships.

Purpose is paramount to life. Without purpose, life has no meaning. We find that it is so easy to be busy making a living even though we may be experiencing very little in life. Without knowledge of purpose, life becomes an endless string of activities with little or no significance.

Everything in life has a Purpose. Everyone who is reading this blog post is born with and for a purpose. Finding this purpose creates our source of meaning. Purpose, therefore, is the original intent in the mind of the creator, in the mind of God. And it is this reason why I believe we are all hard-wired and we have an in-built system that tells us that we are born on purpose and with a purpose.

Everything in life is meant to function in a certain Environment. From what is evident in the news, we see that if we do not take care of the oceans, fishes die. If we do not take care of our soil, plants die. In fact, ff we take a plant out of the soil or we take fish out of water, they naturally perish. We all needs a certain environment in which we flourish. Outside of that optimal environment, we malfunction.

Therefore, I think we can appreciate that environment is the key to success and I believe it is the same for our mindset as well. For us to be all that we are meant to be, we need the right “environment” – the right mindset.

We are fully expressed we live for others – our glory exists not for our benefits but for others (Relationships). A rose gives off a sweet fragrance not for its own pleasure but for the pleasure of others. An orange produces refreshing juice not for its own pleasure but for the pleasure of others. And that is true of us too. What can we do today that can benefit those around us?