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Let’s Play Together

The idea of [social] inclusion lies in the process by which we seek to identify marginalise groups of individuals and actively create opportunities and resources that are normally available to people in the society.

As a national para-athletic in the sport of wheelchair table tennis, I am looking forward to the upcoming GetActive! Singapore which is a week-long sporting bash, designed to have us all celebrating National Day together as One Team Singapore, through sport, from 30 July to 7 August.

Culture, Community and Youth Minister Grace Fu remarked, “In time to come, Singapore will become a more inclusive society, where people of all abilities can enjoy sports together.”

I believe that time is now. And why shouldn’t it be? Sports, just as in education, is but a celebration of life and what it brings. Sports, just as in education, is meant to bring us closer and not separate us a society. Sure, while we all have various abilities and capabilities and all competition should be weighted according to that, yet our focus must always be on the celebration of our strengths and not the condemnation of our flaws.

And this is the reason why I am looking forward to Everybody Play Ping Pong!. This event which will be played out on 7th August, 10am – 4.23pm, at GetActive by the Bay (event space near MBS) will pit para table-tennis players with the public in a series of friendly matches.

Are you ready to Play?