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Losing doesn’t make me want to quit. It makes me want to fight harder. –Bear Bryant

How true!

I have ‘lost’ many battles in my life. I had ‘lost’ in my bid to get registered as a medical doctor due to my stroke in 2000. I had ‘lost’ my mobility, partial vision and language abilities due to that same disease. I had ‘lost’ my girlfriend. I had ‘lost’ my direction because I really did not know what to do other than being a doctor, which was now just but a shattered dream. I had ‘lost’ momentum as my friends from the same cohort went on to pursue their respective careers and I was left behind because of my disability.

I had lost.

Or have I? In reality these were all opportunities for me to create a new story for my life with a beautiful ending. Failing is just an event and it is not a permanent state of affairs. As Bear Bryant says, “… It makes me want to fight much harder.”

So, stay strong! Stay courageous!