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Setting Up The Right Environment For Success in 2017

Everything in life is meant to function in a certain environment. When we purchase a new hand-phone, the first thing we see is very often NOT the hand-phone itself. In fact, the very first thing we find after opening the box is not the new phone, but an operating manual which tells us how best to use the phone; letting us know what is the environment under which the phone best operates.

Even in nature, as knowledge and understanding of our atmosphere grows, we are starting to realise that there is an environment that nature operates best, and ignoring or violating these natural laws are causing many of the drastic weather changes we are experiencing currently.

From what is evident in the news, we see that if we do not take care of the oceans, fishes die. If we do not take care of our soil, plants die. In fact, ff we take a plant out of the soil or we take fish out of water, they naturally perish. We all needs a certain environment in which we flourish. Outside of that optimal environment, we malfunction.

Therefore, I think we can appreciate that environment is the key to success and I believe it is the same for our mindset as well. For us to be all that we are meant to be, we need the right “environment” – the right mindset.
There are three things we need to consider when we think about the right environment for our mind to take hold of and grow. They are 1) positive mindset2) progressive mindset, and 3) protecting our mindset.

Positive Mindset
Research studies tell us that regularly practicing gratitude can have great positive effects on our mind and body, creating greater health effects than what regular exercise can bring. What these studies show is that energy flows where attention goes, and our mood is often determined by what we recognize and think about in our life.

Our mood not only affects our performance, but it also has significant implications on our health and overall daily effectiveness throughout our lives. Hence it is a good reminder to take time each day to practice gratitude. By doing this, we create opportunities to notice the things that are going right. Such actions is much more than simply saying, “thank you”; it is about truly feeling grateful and appreciative. Being thankful for what you currently have immediately releases any negativity that you might be holding onto. Gratitude instantly puts you in touch with the feeling of love. Where love resides, fear and all other negative emotions cannot.

Progressive Mindset 
Carol Dweck (1946 – present), in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, tells us that people have a growth mindset. People with such mindset or frame of mind tend to be more successful and productive. They know their abilities, talents, and intelligence can be nurtured with diligence and effort.

The internal dialogue we have with ourselves greatly impacts how we think about the world around us. If we constantly tell ourselves that we should not be afraid of failure and that it is through failure that we grow and learn, that is actually our “growth” or progressive mindset speaking to us and we need to be able to recoganise and encourage such thoughts.

Ultimately we need to acknowledge that we all have a choice. While we can read about the benefits of “growth” mindset, litmus test is us being actively engage with and participate in actions that is the result of such mindset. Hence it is more than just talking the walk, but it requires us to walk the talk as well.

Protect Your Mindset
All of us have a destiny. If we believe that God did not make a mistake at Creation, than we must believe and hold on fast to the truth that we are not an accident, and that we are here for a reason.
Indeed, you have a destiny.

One of the dilemmas of modern society is a deep lack of meaningfulness and purpose in everyday life. If we are to ask people, “Why do you exist?” most may not be able to answer. They cannot articulate their purpose in the world. Many people are also struggling with job, life satisfaction and in this period of economic downturn, financial issues.

Yet, hidden within us is the key to living a more fulfilling life than the one we are currently experiencing. Very often, I find that we are bogged down from pursuing our purpose and destiny because of the many other responsibilities that we have. And while these responsibilities are all valid, we must not lose sight of the purpose that we were born. All of us have been given various assignments.

This year, let us be bold, perceptive and mindful in pursuing what has been already laid out for us.