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Our Life is built upon our Thoughts and Ideas

Everything in life built upon our ideas we have about it. Ideas produce everything. After all, the handphone that we are using was once an idea. The laptop that we work on was also once an idea. Even the thought of starting a business or pursuing a course of study began with an idea in our mind. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that everything begins with an idea and is the product of something that first took root in our mind. In fact, ideas control the world.

An idea, once it is birthed, is also hard to eliminate. That is why we are having such a huge problem combatting terrorism because international terrorism is, at the root of it all, an idea and it cannot simply be shot down by a bullet.

Our life is the accumulation of all the ideas and thoughts that we have accepted as a matter of fact. Therefore if we want to change our life, we have to first start with changing the thoughts and ideas that we have accepted as our “truth”.

The way that we expose an idea or a thought is through the words we speak, say and ask. Hence the self-talk we say to ourselves is so vital to our success this year in 2017.

What are our thoughts, ideas and words that will bring us to our breakthrough today?




Living Life with a Passion

All of us desire to be ALL that we are destined to be. All of us aspire to maximize all that we could be. No one, other than ourselves, has the passion to fulfill the dreams lingering in our hearts.

I strongly believe the key in fulfilling this desire is in living out our future. Yet many find it difficult and even inconceivable as to how to live our future. However if you ponder just for a minute, we realize that our future is not only found next year, it is the next hour. In fact our future is our next minute. Yes, even our next second is our future.

In other words, to live our future is to live our present, intentionally focusing on what else we can do rather than focusing on what we have already done. Because we can, in error, focus on what we have done and live a life that we have already lived rather than questioning what else we can still accomplish

Our past can be a threat to our future if we continually focus and dwell on our failures and mistakes. Yet our past is also an opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes. What is crucial is how we view our past. The way to move from our past into the future is to perceive all of our past and view them as learning points and growth opportunities.

In fact, when we view failure as an opportunity to start again, then we see it as a temporary experience gearing towards our eventual success. In other words, we cannot stop a man who has decided he is going to win. We have to live life according to our terms if we want to be effective and successful. Life has everything we desire in it but we need to live it with our passion and intentions.

Our past can also be a threat to our future if we continually focus and dwell on our past accomplishments and remain too comfortable in that space. While we should celebrate our triumphs, we must also continue to reach for brighter stars and bigger goals.

What makes life interesting is that there will always be challenges awaiting us. For us to live our destiny, we need to confront these challenges, subdue and overcome them.




Vision is more important than sight

It is what we think and perceive that holds us back. Conversely, it is also what we think that propels us to our future success and destiny. While it is true that in life we cannot control circumstances, but we can always control our thoughts regarding any problem or situation. After all, nothing in life changes until there is a renewal of mind and consequently, a mindset transformation. It is good to remember that information per se does not bring transformation to our lives; intentional living does.

The renewal of our mind and transformation of our mindset is not an easy task. We are the product of the sum total of our thought processes which we have conditioned into our beliefs.

But just because we believe a fact does not necessary mean we will act on it. When I was younger, I thought our beliefs defines who we are as individuals. Well, not anymore. I realised there are many things which I know it is a fact, yet I do not act on it. Change does not happen simply because we believe and know it is fact. Change happens only when we are convicted to the point of action.

Recently I read about this story of a man who came upon a construction site where three people were working. He asked the first, “What are you doing?” and the man replied: “I am laying bricks.” He asked the second, “What are you doing?” and the man replied: “I am building a wall.” As he approached the third, he heard him humming a tune as he worked, and asked, “What are you doing?” The man stood, looked up at the sky, and smiled, “I am building a cathedral!”

Out of these three workers, who would have the preferred attitude? It is interesting to note that in this story we have the same job yet with three differing working attitudes only because of their mindsets.

This little story tell us that while we all see the same world and how we envision the world are two very different realities.

What is the Vision for your success today?




Strokes of Love

As an international speaker, I have the opportunity and the privilege to share with various groups, companies and organisations about what I have learnt and garnered through the experience I have had as a stroke survivor (17 years) using the keynotes and workshops that I deliver. Very so often, during the Q & A’s or the breaks, people will come up and ask about my family and till date, many people still give me the amazing look when they find out that I am able to start a family considering I had my stroke relatively young at the age of 24.

In many of my talks I spread the message that our disability is only in the mind and that we are never defined by what happens to us but rather, how we respond to the situations that happen in our lives. When it comes to love, I view it as a word. In fact the English language terms it as a verb. In other words, it is an action word. Which means we have to actively respond in order to express love in a meaningful manner to those that matter to us.

Even as a youth growing up even before I suffered the stroke, I knew I wanted to have a family with a wife to love and children to cherish. And in order to do that, I knew that the most important pursuit towards that goal is to be completely whole and uniquely wholesome. In fact wholesomeness is the foundation of all relationships and that includes the relationship we have with our spouse. In fact, how we get along with different members of the family is totally dependent on how wholesome we are as individuals. After all, our wholeness determines the quality of our relationships; be it personal, social or professional.

I have found that any difficulties we may have in our relationships with our spouse or other members of the family, very often, is NOT due to the stroke or any other disability we may have; rather it can be traced a wholeness issue, or rather a lack of wholeness.

I have realised throughout the conversations I have had that the most important relationship is not inter-relationship but intra-relationship. The most important relationship we should aim to cultivate is that which is within ourselves. This is because the better the knowledge we have of ourselves, the better we understand who we are.

Hence, the most important person to love is you!

Yet as stroke survivors, many of us may have a feeling of inadequacy due to the brain attack which may have left us physically disabled and cognitively not as sharp as before. I had to grapple with my sense of inadequacy as well until I discover the truth and that is, disability is only in the mind. We are not defined by what we cannot do; we are defined by what we can do with what we have. Whatever we perceive, we conceive; and whatever we conceive ultimately becomes our reality.

Our self-perception and self-conception is vital to how we relate to those dear to us. To the degree we are able to love ourselves is that degree we are able to love others. For everyone, including stroke survivors, the key question is never about “Do you still love me?” but that of “Do I still love myself?” After all, it is important that we are able to love ourselves before we can love anyone else.

I believe one of the best way to generate and garner that sense self-worth is to know that we are all positioned to be person of influence to those that is around us. Using words and deliberate actions, we all can still be an impact to those around us and as long we are intentionally creating positive value, we can always make the day a better and brighter day to our loved ones.