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What’s your Style?

Learning styles are important.

Every individual is uniquely different. As founder of Potter’s Clay Education; which is an innovative learning centre that aim to help students from learn effectively and efficiently; one of our strength is in helping both youth and parents understand their learning styles. This knowledge and understand is crucial in developing strategies for a youth success, both academically and in life.

There are many reasons why identify a youth’s learning style is important. First, it helps to ensure that academic coaches are guiding a youth according to their learner’s style and not the coach’s. An academic coach who instructs only according to his own style makes learning more difficult for the learner.

Second, parents and youth should know about learning styles to be able to help learners identify their personal learning styles. This knowledge will help learners to build self-confidence and to learn to manage their own learning.

Third, academic coach’s and even teaches should know what their own personal learning style is. Because learning styles influence how we teach, we need to know just what that style is and how it compares to the learner’s. Knowledge of learning styles should also help us to be aware of other styles and how to use other styles to further impact learning in the classroom.

In our new knowledge revolution, it is imperative that learner know of their learning style so as to make learning conducive.