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What my stay in the hospital recuperating for my hip fracture taught me

It was supposed to be cut and dried, no-frills networking event organised by Sg100 with about 600 guests attending with MP Tan Chuan-Jin as the Guest of Honour (GOH).

During the end of the dinner event, as we were all rounding up and saying our goodbyes to each other and arranging for upcoming meet-ups as a consequence of the event, I accidentally tripped and fell. For most of everyone who is reading this blog post, a trip and fall would most likely result in a trip and a fall; at the very most, a bad bruise. But because of my condition as a former stroke survivor, I was not able to break the fall quickly enough and I ended up with a hip fracture.

As I write this blog post, recuperating in the hospital and re-staring my weekly posts, I pondered and reflected on what are some lessons that I have learnt from my stay in the hospital.

These past couple of weeks in the hospital reminded me that we are all given a limited period of time to fulfill our destiny. The meaning of life is to give our gift, talents, inclinations and abilities away; and in doing, we will be able to identify our purpose and know and identify what we meant to do in life.

And so, while I understand this, it is also frustrating knowing that the past 3 weeks in hospital can spent doing more productive things. And this is where I have to remind myself that one of the best ways moving forward is to develop and re-strategize our plans; especially in situations like this where there is an unexpected development.

During this period of rehabilitation, many people play a vital role in my healing process. 3 weeks into my hip fracture and I am recovering well. The orthopedic team, rehabilitation team, physiotherapist and occupational therapist are all doing a wonderful work in fixing me back to shape.

I will have to also say that above all, God has been faithful in accelerating my healing. Currently i am already able to ambulate, with assistance, with the assistance of a walking frame.

Other friends and my coach who is preparing me for the Spartan Race 2017 has been encouraging and advising me on strategies to get back up to speed, as soon as possible. This fracture will most likely crush whatever hope i have initially had in completing the Spartan Race. But as my coach reminds me, there is always 2018 and i will still be there at the starting point come May 6!

In all my keynotes and workshops, one of the themes which I frequently speak on in on The Art Of Determination. The last three weeks have again brought me into a better understanding of what determination is.

Our determination is a combination and blend of persistence, perseverance and patience. Persistence is our decision on our choices no matter what happens to us. Perseverance is what we do to get up whenever we fall down. Everybody falls and our success is the result of us picking up our pieces and getting back up. And finally, our patience is us understanding that our success cannot be achieve in one day. Patience is therefore working while we are waiting; preparing for ourselves to receive our rewards.

We can always learn and grow in times of difficulties and discomfort. The key is to never give up and to realize that as long as we are willing to believe in a good future that days of pain can cancer out last days of joy!