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What is Performance made of?

There is a simple equation of performance and it reads somewhat like this:

Our Performance =   Our Can’s      X         Our Want’s    X         Our May’s


Whether or not we can do a task depends on our expertise. The good news is that expertise does not depend on paper qualifications. Rather, our expertise in our work is related to our focus. You see, to be an expert is to build depth around a certain topic or subject.  The very act of focus is like building depth. If we were to take two people of similar intellect and abilities and charge the first with building a business with a broad focus and the second with building a business with a narrow focus, we would find that the second person would build a depth of expertise exponentially greater than the other. He could not help but do so, for when we narrow our field of thought we think deeper. We need not be smarter or more creative than our competition. We just need to be more focused. Focus is powerful.


Whatever we desire, we are motivated to achieve. And one of the better ways I have found to be better motivated is to be purposeful about our goals. Instead of doing things that you feel like you “should” do in 2016, work towards the resolutions that you genuinely care about. When you do this, you tap into a different part of the brain that uses less willpower to take action and make progress.

An inspiring purpose does not need to be an over-the-top goal of curing cancer, solving world hunger, or becoming the CEO of your company. In fact, it can be as simple as changing perspectives.


While our “Can” and “Want” are compelling, our current life conditions play the final leg in propelling us to our peak performance. Making sure that situations are optimal in our environment, emotional state, sociological, psychological and physiological makes it easier for us to reach the performance we desire.