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Winning Mindset

Mindset will determine the way we behave, our outlook on life and our attitude towards everything that is happening around us. Our mindset is our ideas and attitudes that shape the way we thinks about ourselves and the world around us. Simply put, our mindset is our way of thinking and our frame of mind.

Our mindset not only determines our collection of thoughts and beliefs, it also shape our habits. And our habits affect how we think, what we feel, and what we do

The mindset we have shifts the way we approach our everyday life. And the good news is, our mindset is not set in stone; there are things that we can do that shift your mindset so that we can get the most out of it.

As the 2016 Rio Olympics and Para-Olympics come to an end and we look forward to 2020 Tokyo Games, we celebrate the success of Schooling, Yip Pinxiu and Theresa Goh as a nation. It is also apt that we remind ourselves what led these elite athletes to shine. I call this the 3 P’s.

Theresa Goh first competed in the Para-Olympics way back in 2004 at the Athens Games where she finished fifth in the 100m breaststroke which is her pet event. Back then she was the first female swimmer to fly the flag for Singapore at the Para-Olympics. And although she will continue to make Singapore proud, including bagging 27 gold medals at the ASEAN Para Games, the Para-Olympic medal remained elusive.

Until 2 September 2016 where she was the bronze medal for this nation and her determination finally bore fruit.

Before even before Schooling’s gold medal win in 2016 at Rio, back in 2008, there Yip Pin Xiu who attained a gold medal at the highest level of sporting competition in Beijing as a para athlete swimmer.

She added two more gold medals at this Rio Para-Olympics in the 100m and 50m backstroke S2.
What is more fascinating is that she did all these even though her physical condition is causing her to loose muscle strength and control.

Pin Xiu’s story reminds us that continued growth and progress can always happen if we keep the right mindset despite less than ideal conditions.

Pillars of support
During the 2016 Rio Olympics, the side story besides Schooling’s outstanding swim and gold medal, was the story about his parents and how supportive they were. Both parents have been widely credited as the main driving forces behind Joseph’s success as a swimmer. The two have reportedly spent more than S$1 million on Joseph’s swimming career over the past seven years to send him to the Bolles School in Florida, United States to train and study, and now the University of Texas. And Joseph’s success today is clear validation that all their sacrifices throughout the years have paid off.

For champions to be born, both in life and in sports, I firmly believe that mindset of Perseverance, desire for Progress and a keen interest in building Pillars of support is need.